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Nimspace accelerates your workday. We offer all the tools you need to optimize your business’s internal communication, work and HR stream.

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Employee Experience

Nimspace provides and all-in-one customizeable platform, packed with wonderful features that quickly acquaints employees them with the culture and structure of the company.

Performance Management

Nimspace simplifies major Human Resource tasks by smartly automating feedback, goals and performance reviews; with reports and analytics that assist executives in evaluating results.

Productivity Resources

Nimspace provides the notifications and reminders for teams to thrive while on the clock, shortLinks to quickly open resources and universal search feature to access and share any and all company documents amongst the team.


Nimspace is committed to providing tech solutions that optimize business productivity and meet the demands of today’s busy corporate environments.



Our universal search bar helps employees easily and quickly search internal documents, teams, rooms, and colleagues, basically everything that is accessible on the company's database. The feed continuously updates what is happening, with to-do list and company news so that nothing is missed.


Like a diary, this is the place where employees write down what they've done in a day's work.


Let users shortened links and save them. When a ShortLink is inserted, users quickly gets redirect to a specific link via codesearch - give workers instant access to material they need to see


Show your appreciation, give praise, and recognize your peers with Kudos! You can also add rewards to make it more valuable.


These are some highlights of the performance features:

  • leadership Review — reinforces positive values and behaviors within the organization.
  • 1-on-1 meeting — managers or employees can prioritize and conduct effective one-on-one meetings.
  • Reviews — allows people to write personal and peer assessments that reinforce the company culture. Facilitating the promotion of skilled employees who bring good values to the company.
  • OKR — let individuals, employees, managers, or executives set a 6-month or 1-year goal, and track their progress within the platform. Making long - term plans to develop the company.

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Adopting Nimspace for a Connected Workday

After leaving Google to pursue independent tech ventures, the founders of Nimspace began to miss many of the internal tools that Google employees use for connection and communication within their organization.

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